Start of a new cycle

Hey y’all,

So tomorrow starts another training cycle. “Training cycle? What is that?!” you may be asking yourself as you sit in a comfortable recliner watching US Olympic Trials. Training cycles are how we break about the training season so we do not go hard all the time and ended up burnt out messes. They allow us proper rest and recovery while still ensuring we want to die at the right times. 

Training cycles usually are 1 week medium, 2 weeks hard, and 1 week easy. Below is our mental processes during these weeks:

  • Week 1 medium- Ok, ouch training hurts but I got this. How bad can this get? Speedskating is so rewarding!
  • Week 2 hard- Wow so it got this hard. OMG I am tired! I just want to sleep. I can handle tougher!
  • Week 3 hard- If anyone even looks at me I am going off!!! MK, I hate you. There is no way I can do another workout. What day is it?
  • Week 4 easy- I am sleeping for 14 hours tonight. Sweet I can feel my legs again!! 

Looking forward to it!!