The Mule

Most of the questionnaires we fill out for press releases and media guides ask us a lot of dumb questions like “what is your favorite color?”. Like a fan of speedskating is going to like me even more because I said blue…

One of the questions that is always on there “is what is your nickname?” and for those of you who do not know, it is THE MULE. That’s right… the Mule. (I am sure my mom is so proud.)

Now I am sure you are wondering “why are you called the Mule?” Well a few years ago we were at practice, and a certain sprinter looked over at me and said “Meek, you are like a damn mule. It does not look pretty but it always gets the job done.” Everyone had a good laugh, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it fit me perfectly.

-I don’t always look pretty out there.

-I am stubborn to a fault. (Ask MK about that.)

-It takes a lot to wear me down.

-I am not the favorite barn animal.

-I am can be cantankerous.

-And more often than not, I get the job done out there.

So ever since then, I have signed all of my feedback forms and tracking data forms simply…THE MULE.