Thank you

So this last week or so, I have gotten a lot of press for all the wrong reasons. No… I did not get arrested or make any poor life decisions. My skates got stolen out of my locker at the Utah Olympic Oval.

With the Olympics starting up and all, the local press jumped on this story and one of the morons was caught. I still do not have my skates back yet but luckily a new pair have been made so that is good!

I just wanted to devote this post to all the people who donated money or busted their asses to get my new whips ready. It was not an easy endeavor to get new skates turned around in 8 days but it was done by some amazing people. To all of you, thank you!! I could not be more grateful for this.

As much as this experience blew, it did make me realize how many people around this country care about me and my skating. I guess there is always some silver lining to everything…