Random Thoughts

So this whole stealing of my skates thing has gotten me thinking about some larger issues in our community. If you have been following the news, you know they have caught both of the guys who stole my skates. Yipee… Still no skates thou.

So, I googled these two winners of humanity after they got arrested. What I found surprised me and in many ways did not. Both of them had long rap sheets, with multiple convictions for theft and drugs. It appears as though these guys have basically been wards of the state for much of their life. Bouncing from one prison to the next.

The more I thought about it, the more questions I started to have about our corrections system. I am not implying I have any answers, but questions like the following kept popping up in my head:

-Is the corrections system working if these guys keep doing the same stuff?

-Obviously, the motivation for the theft was money for drugs. What has the correction system done to fix their drug problem?

-Is treatment better than yet another prison sentence?

-What’s the ROI on rehab?

As pissed as I still am, I have to wonder if a true rehab might be better for these losers.