Ok MK you win…

My last blog post was about how MK was about to pulverize us over a two week training block.

I sit here at work and have to applaud him on a job well done. (insert slow clap) After time trials today, I looked at my teammates and all I saw were some of the deepest thousand yard stares I have ever seen. No one said a word and I am sure they were thinking the same thing I was “oh screw me.”

In calculating our load for the last two weeks with TrainingPeaks, I am astounded by the total number. We haven’t touched anywhere near it since I have been with MK or any coach for that matter. The interval workouts we did were some of the best efforts I have seen put together as a group. Add on to that the volume we are still doing on the bike, inlines and weight room.

All of this has accumulated to dead legs, soreness everywhere, heavy bags under my eyes and the realization I do not really know what day it is or where I am most of the time.

A recovery week starts tomorrow. It is needed for sure.