So a few weeks ago I purchased the above print from an artist named Bansky that now hangs across from my bed. Bansky is British born graffiti artist whose work is usually ironic and political in message. (There is some debate if the above is actually a Bansky but whatever.) For more info about him click here.

Ever since I first saw this print, it really made me think about the thought processes that go behind change and charity. While I understand the notion of many to throw small amounts of money at issues and hope that that appeases those who are looking to better themselves and their situations; I think that systemic change is needed more than stipends or handouts.

The guy in the print needs food, shelter, real healthcare, and the prospect of a job more than he needs a couple quarters and some pocket lint. He needs someone to care that tomorrow will be better than today. While the easy thing to do is hand over a few quarters and feel good about yourself, did you really accomplish anything? What does it say about the people in charge who believe that this suffices time and time again?

(Some, I am sure, who are reading this may believe there are undertones and innuendos here about change in other arenas. I will leave that to your own interpretations.)