Form is talked about a lot by athletes. It is that moment when you feel strong, snappy, and fast. It is fleeting, fickle and most of all desired.

Waiting for form is a lot like planning a party at your house. You clean. You make the food. Make a playlist. Set out the drinks. Make sure everything is in order. Then you sit on your ass and wait. You wait for people to show up and the music start. The hardest part is the waiting. You just sit and hope that you did everything you could since there is no time to make anymore preparations.

That is basically where I am now. Most of the work has been done for the season. Mountains have been ridden up. Laps have been skated. Weights lifted. There will be some tune up workouts but nothing like what we did the last 10 weeks.

So I am just sitting and waiting and watching way too much Jersey Shore.