First WC Report Card

So as I do laundry and get my life back in order, I thought it would be fun to put together a report card from the last three weeks. Some are serious categories, others are more for fun.

US SINGLES- B (Got out alive in the 5k and got in some good quality races. Not as fast as I was hoping but not bad for early on.)

MKE- A (The older I get the more I love Milwaukee. We are there enough that it almost feels like home. Plus, hanging out with my Aunt Gennell and Uncle Pablo is always a good time.)

WC HEERENVEEN- C (5k was a tough race mainly from my own fault. Started too relaxed and never gave myself a chance. Good fight though to get the race back in order.)

WC KOLOMNA- B/B+ (A more solid effort in that 5k. Started out harder and gave myself a chance. Not the best finish to the race. That portion pisses me off but I will make sure it doesn’t happen again.)

PERSONNEL SPACE APPRECIATION IN EUROPE- C (I really thought Europe had figure it out the first week. Standing three inches away from me is never appreciated. Holland seems to be learning. And then we entered Russia. I knew we were in trouble when I was pushed three time as we got on the plane. Lines mean nothing there. Darwinism at its worst)

STEENWIJK, NETHERLANDS- B (A solid town we have never been to. We stayed there since there was no room at our usual hotel in Tjaarda. I think most know the US team’s love of Tjaarda hence nothing could have compared but still not a bad town or hotel.)

ICE AT THIALF- C (Come on Thialf, you are better than that.)


EUROPE- B- (It is apparent that everywhere is being hit by the EU fiscal disaster. It is nothing in particular, but just the overall feel of the towns and some of the small amenities that are no longer available.)

DELTA- B (No real problems or issues with them. Just hard to give them an “A” after sitting on an airplane for 17 hours yesterday. Ask me again in a week, when the mere thought of a plane does not raise my blood pressure.)

Now back to the grind here in SLC/PC!!