Inzell WC update and hanging in Inzell

So after getting to Inzell last Sunday, I finally have an off day, hence my ability to write a blog post. Since arriving here, we have been in a whirlwind of getting ready for the World Cup, fighting jet lag, and then racing.

The 5k here was a pretty piss poor race. I felt like I had to start putting in effort way too early and by the end was scrambling. At some point, I will start to trust the technique when I am tired. The staff here thinks the jet lag and our late arrival had a lot to do with the performance. They said I just looked tired. Regardless of any mitigating circumstances, not acceptable.

On Sunday, we had the mass start. I got my highest placing yet in the race with a 10th place finish. I feel like I have started to figure out how to race it now.

Since Sunday, those of us not going to Hamar have been staying in Inzell at the Kia Academy. It is a pretty great setup they have here. Great food, nice accommodations, pretty much anything a skater could want. Kind of funny to wake up to the sound of someone rocking skates in the morning.

The next week or so we will stay here in Inzell. This town is by far the best place to train in Europe. Easy ice times. Ability to walk everywhere. And the rare sightings of this thing they call the sun.