Fight time

We have been here in Erfurt for the last five days getting ready for the World Cup here. The town here is quite nice and historic. I am pumped to see a new town. Not that I do not like the usual stops on the tour but a fresh new venue is nice.

Tomorrow I have the 10,000m. Most people groan when they here about this race but it is my favorite. It is a race where you do not need to be the prettiest, the most perfect or most popular. You just need to fight. You can see it in every 10k out there, there comes a point when the skater either fights or throws in the towel. It maybe at 5 to go, 10 to go or even 20 to go, but there is a moment when the skater has to decide fight or not.

I remember watching my first 10k ever. It was Johann Olav Koss’ 10k in Hamar. I remember sitting in front of the tv at my grandparents transfixed as some guy in a red suit just kept on going. It seemed like the race never ended and that to me even then was pretty cool.

Here is to the fight tomorrow….