Bell lap

In speedskating races, like in track and field, they ring a bell on your final lap of the race. The sound of the bell can be a glimmer of hope or sign of doom given how your race is going.

Right now, we are in Heerenveen, Netherlands for World Cup Final. World Cup Final is the last World Cup of the season and only for those in the top twenty of overall points in each distance. I am here skating the mass start and that’s all.

Right now, I am hearing the bell ringing for my season. This is my last competition of the 2012/2013 season. All things being said, it is nice to hear the bell. This has been a perfect season for the year before the Games. MK and I tried a lot of new things. Some we will keep for next year and others will be discarded and never spoken of again.

Since early December, I have had very few complaints for how things have been going. A solid US Champs and Regional qualifier. Great experience at US Marathon Champs. Several amazing training blocks. And a career best race last weekend at the World Cup in Erfurt.

I am already looking forward to next season and challenges that will come with it. So ISU referee, ring that bell and let’s have some fun in a packed Thialf this weekend.