The circus

I am back home now in Park City for the offseason. Lately, my days have been consumed by overcoming jet lag, laundry, and spending time with those I missed while I was away for over a month in Europe. Soon it will be back to work here at the Waldorf.

While it is great to be home, there is something nice to life on the World Cup circuit or as I have come to call it the “circus”. For nine separate weeks this year, hundreds of skaters and staff would converge on a town with a skating oval. Hotels would be packed. Restaurants booked solid. And Internet bandwidth maxed out as athletes try to dull their senses in between workouts and races.

Out of the view of the three rings, Referee Marketing shows up with their eighteen wheel semis with all the branding banners and signage to ensure the universal look at all the venues. Later in each week, tv semis start to roll in to set up their satellite dishes and broadcast booths so viewers around the globe can watch us skate.

The race days have a familiarity of routine with early morning skates, early lunches and mid afternoon races. Each stop has their very own tight wire act, amazing acrobatic experience, and even clowns. More often than not the same people play the same role at each stop.

The circus has no more stops until November of next year. In the meantime, athletes around the globe will be trying to ensure they are ones next year who make the crowds clap and raise to their feet in appreciation.