End of the season report card

Well, as you all know the end of the season is upon us. So in keeping with tradition this year, below is my end of the season report card.

WC Inzell- C-(my skating there was simply bad. It did not get the job done at all. If you want to see a suffer fest watch the video of that race.)

Time in Inzell- A ( spent two weeks there training. I am absolutely convinced that Inzell is the best place to train in Europe day in and day out. Small town, ability to walk everywhere, good ice. Also while there I really felt like I got back to focusing on the process of skating well. In comp season, it is so easy to get wrapped up in times and placing and forget about how you get there. It was nice to get back to that place mentally.)

WC Erfurt- B+ (probably the best race of my career there. I was strong and aggressive. Felt like I dictated the race the whole way. Only draw backs were not qualifying for Singles and a bit of die the last four laps.)

Erfurt as a town- A (when you think of a quaint European town, Erfurt is it. It has a nice town center, good shopping, and a ton of history.)

WC Heerenveen- B (a decent mass start. I can not complain a ton about another top ten. However, it is always tough to be the solo American out there. I feel most of the time I am the one reacting and not dictating the race which is tough.)

Weather in Europe- C (it’s called the sun. It is nice. It provides you with Vitamin D. Europe does not see it and when it does the whole continent acts like they invented it. I have seen the sun more in two weeks here in Utah than all six weeks in Europe)

Spending six weeks in Europe-B (it was a long time to live out of a suitcase don’t get me wrong. But it was really not that bad. Felt like I was in a rhythm by the end of the trip where nothing fazed me at all.)

Overall season- B ( this was a good season. I didn’t hit all the goals I wanted to reach but on the other hand when I look at the process I can be nothing but happy. MK and I had lunch this week and already have mapped out next season. I looking forward to it already.)