I’ll Admit it… I Do Yoga… and I like it

I can not believe I am admitting this, but I really like yoga. For a guy like me, that is like admitting I just downloaded the new Justin Bieber album or I think pedicures are just fantastic. Just not something that is going to happen readily.

I started doing yoga four or five years ago very sporadically. I would go a few times and then invariably I would find an excuse why I did not want to go anymore. Not enough time. Did not think I needed it. Too many hippies. You know the usual excuses.

However, this past year I made a conscious effort to incorporate yoga more often into my auxiliary training. I can honestly say it helped a ton. I am not the most limber guy ever (understatement of the century right there) and it helped in that respect. I also felt like it helped my balance, my overall strength, worked new muscles, and taught me how to breathe better. If I did not for a few weeks, I started to feel tight and my on ice performance would suffer.

Additionally, there was something about being “centered and present” that I enjoyed each week. The fact that I wasn’t moving, my smartphone was out of reach, and I just had to stretch was something that was really refreshing and calming . (Granted if the yoga instructor said too many Hindu phrases, I invariably would roll my eyes and think they were trying too hard.)

This off season, I have been hanging with the Park City housewives at least twice a week and getting my downward dog on. I definitely will be doing more as the season goes on as I know I will need all the help I can get.

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