The Intrinsic Beauty of Sport, a Tribute to the Boston Marathon

With yesterday’s terrorist attacks at the Boston Marathon, I was struck by the startling juxtaposition of such senseless violence and the intrinsic beauty of sport. Whenever these two facets of life are combined into the same time frame and location, it is truly sad and heartbreaking.

At its most basic level, sport is so simple and beautiful. The joy that grade school children have playing simple games such as soccer or tag is a pleasure to watch. Even when these children grow up and pursue sport at whatever level they choose, it is still amazing to watch people push their limits. Whether it is the Olympics, a co-ed kickball game, or a running a marathon, sport brings out the best in people and brings together those who would otherwise never be associated together.

As such, violence and sport have no place together. In ancient Greece, war was regularly put on hiatus for the Olympic games. There are heart warming stories of Israeli and Palestinian teens recently playing soccer together and breaking down centuries old hatred through the simple act of kicking a ball. Members of the US Speedskating team still talk about competing against a skater from North Korea at the World Cups in 2009.

So when cowards try to destroy these venues of peace and understanding, it makes it that much more heart wrenching and difficult to understand. However, if history has told us anything, it is that sport, and all that comes with it, prevails over and over again. The terrorists won’t win this time, or anytime in future.

Next year on Patriots’ Day, I hope to be standing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon cheering on all those who came out and told these cowardly terrorists “SCREW YOU” by putting one foot in front of the other for 26.2 miles.

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