Mt. Olympus

One of the best hikes in the state of Utah is to the top of Mt. Olympus. This haul is 4500 ft of vertical climbing over 3.5 miles. Every week in Utah, you can see outdoor lovers out on the trail getting their workout on.


Surprisingly enough, I have never made it to the top of the hike even though I have started it countless times. Either the workout of the day was to only go for a shorter bit of time, didn’t have time to make it to the top, or some other excuse would happen. This past Saturday, we had an OYO workout and I decided early on in the week that I wanted to get to the top of Mt. Olympus. I recruited my bro Matt Plummer to join me since he had also never gotten to the top. I honestly have no idea where I will be in a year and I didn’t want to walk away from this state with never having gotten to the top.


I won’t beat you over the head with the symbolism of the ancient name Greek name “Olympus” in regards to this year. Nor will I make an obscene simile, allegory or metaphor about how this is the year to do thing I have never done before. I will simply leave you with these photos from the hike and the knowledge Matt and I got to the top in less than 90 minutes with no excuses or complaining. Mission accomplished…