Full Time Job by the Numbers

I love talking to people or the media who don’t know too much about the sport of speedskating. They always seem to have really good questions and all have a love for the history of our sport. However, it does drive me a bit nuts when they ask me what my training schedule is and then say “Oh, it is like a full time job!!” after I tell them what an 8 hour day of training looks like. Most of the time, this is the point where I have to hold myself back from a very visceral reaction and state rather bluntly “Yes it is a full time! You don’t just strap on skates and go 40 mph with no training or practice!”

In lieu of such a reaction, I have decided to breakdown the numbers of what a typical week looks like for us. (Keep in mind, this is before we are even on long track full time.) Above is a screen shot from my training journal from a recent week of training. All of these boxes end up equaling this:

  • 450 minutes spent in the car achieving the desired Live High/Train Low efffect
  • 7,126 seconds running
  • 150 Laps on the short track in one day
  • 102 minutes in a “skating” position during dryland training
  • 16,649 seconds on the bike saddle
  • 56,140 meters inlined
  • 87.64 miles biked
  • 21,600 tenths of second spent in a 55 degree cold tub
  • 964 pushes on the slideboard
  • 9,000m of vertical climbing on the bike

Now if that is not a full time job I don’t know what is.