The grind

So we are back on ice again. Woohoo! If you follow my social media feeds, you probably know how pumped we all were to get back on the big track and take in some laps. There is nothing like being back on the LT. Just feels so nice.

With that said, the coaches gave us a week to kind of get our feel and feet back under us, but now it is back to work out there. The workouts are long and just grind away at your soul and will. Right now at the oval, you see a lot of us with glazed looks in their eyes and very short tempers are the norm.

Even though we are a long way from the competition season, this is the time of the year which in a lot of ways determines how the season goes. You gotta suffer now. You gotta just skate lap after lap. This is the time to make technique gains. And you have accept the fact that you end where you start every damn day. You gotta do all this if you want to be anywhere in February…