Kale Chip recipe

So one of my favorite snacks to make is kale chips. They are pretty easy to make and delicious. I have found that they are a good replacement to regular potato chips during lunch or just as a snack on their own. Plus, from what Nana Meyer tells me kale is good for you. There are quite a few ways to make them but this is the easiest way I have found.


2 bunches of kale
Olive oil
dash of sea salt


Tear up the Kale into a bowl so that leafy part is off the stems. Toss the stems out. Mix with olive so that all the leaves are coated in oil but not soaked. Mix in a bit of sea salt. Place kale on a cookie sheet. Set you oven for 275 degrees and place the kale in the oven. Wait 45-60 minutes. The kale should be completely dried and and not chewy at all at this point. Let cool and enjoy!