Fall is here

As far as I am concerned fall is here. Now I know there are some who will say “But Meek, fall starts on some arbitrary date in October that is determined by the lunar cycle and other hocus pocus that qualified as science centuries ago.” All I say to you is that you are wrong.

Fall to me is the commencement of football (American and European), the leafs changing, and us puking during ice workouts. Well to you kind readers, Tottenham had their first game last Sunday, the Utes have their first game next week, I see brown leaves on the hills (it maybe because of the drought but shhhh) and Och hurled like a boss on Tuesday. So by this deductive reasoning and logic, it is fall.

As noted above, the intensity and longevity of our ice workouts have definitely ramped up which I guess is good. These workouts are designed to replicate the intensity of races and simultaneously grind away at our souls. They are long monotonous slogs that make you question why in fact you chose this sport as opposed to golf, where you could be going for a pleasant walk in the sun on a daily basis.

This all begs the question why in fact do we do this to ourselves. One reason is we have to. If we want any kind of results this year, we have to grind away now. It’s the simple reality of life, pain now equals success later. However, I think the primary reason we do this to ourselves is we like it. We love the pain. We love the satisfaction of a hard workout that we just pulverized. And we love the thought that very few people in the world would do this to themselves. Simply put, we are masochists.

So enjoy the football and the foliage, we will be at the oval hurling.