Rest Week and UA shoot

We are just finishing up a recovery week here in Salt Lake City. This recovery week has definitely been needed as I think most of us were pretty tanked after the last few weeks. For most of the week, this meant only one workout a day and not much volume. After about 6 days of R&R, everyone now is getting antsy so it means it is time to start ramping it up.

At the beginning of the week, some of us had a photo shoot with Under Armour and spent time testing out their products for the coming Olympic season. I can not give much away about what they are developing for fear of death but just trust me when I say what they have in production is a total game changer.

The photo shoot with them was a ton of fun. They were shooting for a documentary and some of their digital properties. Anytime you get the creative people at UA going you know the shoot will be a lot of fun. They had Travis, Aly and I doing everything from silhouette jumps to running around in Superman compression shirts.

Back to resting hard. Have a safe Labor Day peeps!!!!!!!