ATP Camp

The past three days, most of the US Speedskating National Team have been participating in a team pursuit camp to get ready for this year. In years past, the team pursuit has often come together as happenstance and an afterthought. This approach as yielded some really impressive results but also some disasters.

In April of this year, MK took on the role of US Team Pursuit coach and has been trying to really bring some structure and guidance to this discipline. I know for a fact, he did not relish this added responsibility but thought it was necessary for the greater good of Team USA.

The last three days, we really dissected the pursuit into small elements and tried to focus on everything from drafting to exchanges. A lot of the stuff we tried ended up not working but honestly that is what we need to do. Often times in top sport and other endeavors, you need to be willing to fail in order to find success.

I can not express enough what a great job MK did organizing all of us and making us feel like we are all in this together. I am really excited to see what all of the effort yields as far as returns in Sochi!