BP Appearance and MKE Training Camp

So this past week has seen us back on the road. The whole US National team headed to the Midwest for training camp here in MKE. I left a few days before the team so that I could do an appearance for BP, which is an USOC sponsor. During the appearance, Aja Evans and I got to hang out with workers from the Whiting, IN refinery, sign autographs and basically just have a fun time. I could not be more appreciative of BP for having Aja and I out and grant us the opportunity to spend time with their workers.

The next day, I took the train up to Milwaukee which was a really enjoyable trip. It was super pleasant to travel without long security lines or any of the nonsense that comes with planes. Since then we have been up here in rotten Packer country training.

Now you are maybe asking yourself, “why are you in Milwaukee when you have the Utah Olympic Oval just miles from your condo?” Well the answer to that is multifaceted but comes down to the fact that we need to focus. As much as I love being home, home brings with it distractions and such.  If you are worrying about grocery lists and stuff of that nature then you are invariably not focusing on skating. With everything else going on this year, it is time for us to buckle down and really focus. Everything need to be dialed in and this provides a great opportunity for us to do so. If I have questions on technique, I just walk over to Kip’s and Ryguy’s room and ask them. Skates are worked on nightly. And we definitely have no distractions at this hotel.

That’s the update from here. Until next week!