Wrap up of Trials and the next steps

So as most of you saw trials were wrapped up a week ago. Luckily, I got out of trials alive. I feel like my performances there were not what I was looking for but it got the job done to make the World Cup team in the 5,000m. I give my race there a low C if anything, A lot of dumb mistakes were made both mentally and physically.

Not to make excuses but as soon I got back from our camp in Milwaukee, I got pretty sick and had to be on antibiotics in the lead up to trials. For those who don’t know, antibiotics just destroy you and really can affect energy levels and other keys systems. Not an ideal preparation but nonetheless we made the necessary steps to the ultimate goal.

Two days after trials ended I did a live interview with the local NBC affiliate KSL 5. It was a ton of fun to talk about the upcoming season and inform the local community about what this year is going to look like. I was originally invited to go to NYC during that day for the USOC’s 100 Days Out Celebration, but it just became glaringly apparent that it is time to buckle down and focus.

With trials done, we are off to Calgary tomorrow for the first World Cup of the season. These next four World Cups are pretty vital since they determine how many spot the US will have at the Olympics. As such, we are really gunning for some fast times and ability to qualify spots right off the bat.

I’ll keep you update how it goes!