Fall World Cup Report Card

Well we have been back for a bit now from World Cups and it is time again for my report card from a month of World Cup racing.

WC Calgary– B, a decent race with some good solid skating.

WC SLC-C+, another race that was solid and nothing really else. A crossover issue doomed a fast time but nonetheless nothing special.

WC Astana-D-, what a pathetic race. The only reason this race didn’t get an F is because I finished the race and that’s it.

WC Berlin– A-, What a difference a week and a whole new racing mentality makes. I am really looking forward to taking this mentality towards the rest of the season.

Team USA– A+, 28 medals in 4 World Cups. Enough said.

We have nine days until a somewhat important competition they tell me. Apparently, we are picking some kind of team that will travel to a Black Sea resort town that Stalin used to summer in. I suppose that I should get ready, focus and wake up not wanting to jump through my skin. 😉