The Rise of Big Data in Sports

So I am sure most of you have heard about the rise of “Big Data” in our society. It seems as though everything nowadays can be quantified and trends can be extrapolated from them. Sport is no exception to this phenomenon. As the book Moneyball illustrates, sport organizations around the world are trying to harness […]

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My Hero

A lot of people like to talk about those who are their personal heroes. For some, they are sport stars. For others they are the well deserving service members in our society. For me, my hero is a little closer to home. Her name is Emmie and she is my sister. Growing up, we had […]

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Talent….Let’s get the definition right

So a few months ago, my hometown newspaper referred to myself and a few of my teammates as having “mediocre ability.” The reporter went on to imply that we were undeserving of resources. Thanks buddy…next time I have an extra Cubs’ ticket I’ll call you I swear. What probably infuriated me the most about that […]

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